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Orthodoxy in Yahotyn


Our little site is about Orthodox life in Yahotyn (Jahotyn, Jagotin, Yagotin). This town is situated in Kyiv (Kiev) region of Ukraine - an ancient center of east-slavonic Orthodoxy (Kyiv Rus').

In this site placed information about churches of Yahotyn town and Yahotyn district (includes many villages), its histories and holies; also about different sects (mostly Protestant) and non-canonical "orthodox" religious organizations ("Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kyiv Patriarchy") here. Site is mostly in Ukrainian language because in our region near all people speak Ukrainian and this site is created for this people at first. But in future we'll plan translate main information into Russian and English.


Holy Assumption Monastery (Raykivshchyna). The icon of the Mother of God "Mylostyva"/"Miluyushchaya" (Holy Assumption Monastery in Raykivshchyna)



HolyTriniti Church (Yahotyn)


Church of the Presentation (Sulymivka)


Saint Nikolay Church (Lozovy Yar)


Saint Nikolay Church (Panfyly)


 Church of the Patronage of the Mother of God (village Lemeshivka) 2007



Church of the Patronage of the Mother of God (Yahotyn) 2006



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